Anonymous said:
Hii! I used some of your graphics for my wattpad story. It's not a myungstal fanfic but I chose myungstal as the lead casts. I hope it's fine with you. I'm sorry because it's a Filstory and I can't send you the link because tumblr won't allow me to do so. Thank you so much! And your graphics are truly the best! More power! <3 I hope you'll continue doing these kind of stuffs because you're really amazing. Jinjja.

hi there, sorry for took it so long to answer. I really think i have said somewhere that i really welcome people to use my graphics only if it’s related to myungstal (myungstal as main casts to be exact.) an

"Myungsoo’s drama “Master’s Sun” will be replace by Krystal’s drama “The Heirs” soon after the drama ends."
Anonymous said:
Day by day passed and you still don't come back. There are a still lot of myungstal edit but i always think if only you can make something beautiful again...

Thanks for praising me. I think you got the point already there still a lot of myungtal edit and they are even prettier than my stuff and if you want to see more myungstal edit. You should just try make one, it might be ugly at beginning but you learn soon what less and make it better and better.

Anonymous said:
You don't give up on this ship, do you? Please tell me what's happening to u?

Why do i need to give up? I’ve spent a lot of my days making something for this two ruiners in my life. Sometimes you just should stop worrying about me, dear. I am alive okay? STILL IN THIS SHIP. I just busy for my college and i need time to rest but i’ll come back soon.

Anonymous said:
Unni i love you. Even you too busy with ur life and can not edit please reblog something to make sure you alive Unni!!!! i miss you

I reblog already and yes i am alive.

“She is my music, she is the reason…. why i love music”


“Maybe next time, she’ll get it. I will wait…



Au Meme

"Walking through the park, not really aware of his surroundings and just holding his camera, he saw her. He saw her standing on her bench looking around, but no where in particular.

She looked like she was in her own little world, like she didn’t want to be bothered by anyone and didn’t even notice him walking towards her with a small smile on his face.

Without saying a thing, he brought his camera up and took a photo. It was fast, faster than he wanted, but the small click sound was enough for her to look at him with a very displeased look on her face.

-What are you doing?- She asked the complete stranger. He looked to his camera screen and smiled, pleased with how the photo came. Not that he was surprised in the first place. With a model like her, it was rather impossible to turn out bad.

-I’m taking your picture.- She looked at him with the sudden honesty. She expected him to be like those guys who came up with excuses saying it wasn’t really her picture, just her surroundings. -…Why? -

She asked, the glare slowly disappeared as she saw the bright smile he had on his face. - Because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life.”

"I just think that being happy because Infinite will be shortly called as same as SM actress like f(x)(which is mean myungstal thing will have more possibility to interact), I just feel dont right."